Welcome to IDHWeb
Our aim is to help you become active on the Internet, and at the same time inject positive growth in the South-African Internet community.

The internet consists of a mind-boggling huge number of participants, connected machines, software programs and a massive quantity of information, all spread around the world.

Electronic mail has mushroomed to a phenomenally large service, not just within a single business but worldwide. Internet carries millions of messages from people in government, private industries, educational institutions and private interests. Electronic mail (email) is cheap (no paper, envelopes or stamps) and fast (around the world in 60 seconds or so.)

Take your computer on a world tour! Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do - internet gives you what you need!
This site was merely created for the benefits of our IDHWeb subscribers. You will find a lot of useful things to do here. Enjoy it.